Nonprofit Consultants Connection

About Us

About the Group

The Nonprofit Consultants Connection (NCC) is a Tampa Bay-area collaborative forum for consultants who work with nonprofit organizations across a variety of fields.

Serving the Community

NCC serves our community by providing access to a list of professionals who are dedicated to high quality, ethical service in the nonprofit sector. Their capabilities address a wide range of common needs, including board development, fundraising, financial management, marketing, strategic planning, and more. Learn more about nonprofit consultants in our community by visiting our online database of members.

Serving Our Members

NCC serves its members by building a community of peers who come together for informative meetings and discussions on topics of common interest. Through NCC membership, consultants have access to training on topics that are important to their clients and their practices. They also gain visibility in the nonprofit community and develop a network for sharing of referrals and resources.