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Doing More With The Inspirational Quote

The inspirational quote can do even more than boost engagement. When used strategically, it becomes a power-packed communication that helps newcomers, fans and followers understand who you are an an organization. >>Read More

How Does Fundraising Work

You want to raise money for your favorite cause... so you decide to fundraise. How exactly does that work?

Prospect Research Woman

This article is about prospect research, women in philanthropy, and sourcing great new prospects!

Rout The Forces of Hate

This article is about keeping your workplace a great place to work when the possibility of divisions is high.

Case Study: This Organization Got Board Responsibility Right

The following is a case study interview between Brian Saber, Asking Matters, and John Collins, founder and executive director of the St. Petersburg Arts Alliance, to understand his strategy behind successfully preparing board members to become leaders and advocates for his organization.

11 Questions You Should Be Asking About Your Board Service

Blog post on engaged board service that can help you think through a few of the important questions before, during and after your nonprofit board service.

20 Captivating Content Marketing Facts in 2014

Content marketing has flipped the traditional marketing models from the push paradigm to pull. It’s about the law of attraction. It’s also inbound marketing (that has been with us for over half a decade) by a different name.

20 Frequently Missed Nonprofit Revenue Opportunities

This list identifies twenty places where nonprofits leave money on the table. Which opportunities are you missing?

2014 High-Performing Fundraisers Survey

This is all about what it takes to recruit and retain the best major gift officers

2015 Online Fundraising Report

Network for Good Releases 2015 Online Fundraising Report

3 Grant Writing Lessons from the Rio Summer Olympics

As I became enthralled with the Summer Olympics television coverage this year, I realized I was being drawn into the event through techniques that were about much more than athleticism and that those same techniques could be related significantly to grant writing that is inspirational and compelling.

3 Groups of Powerful, Wealthy Women to Research in 2016

It has been an exciting and empowering year for womenResearching wealthy women. We witnessed the first woman Hillary Clinton announce her intention to run for President of the United States (on social media). And a host of multi-million-dollar gift announcements by generous alumnae graced press releases by grateful liberal arts colleges including Smith and Wellesley. I like to call them philanthropic role models.

3 Steps to Building a More Comprehensive Prospect Profile

Faster, Better, and Cheaper - learn how you can get all three in a profile

3 Steps to Social Media Major Gifts Prowess

Were you aware that social media is a competitive edge in major gift fundraising? You must have heard by now how organizations are leveraging giving days and crowdfunding as well as incorporating social media into annual fund drives – but what about major gifts?

3 Strategies to Choose a Research Tool

My crystal ball is in the repair shop so I can’t predict the perfect suite of tools for you, but I can give you three strategies to approach your decision-making challenge.

5 Benefits to Make the Case for Prospect Research at Your Organization

Think of your nonprofit like a light bulb and money as the filament. You’ve got plenty of conducting wire to glow for a long time, but are you shining as bright as possible? Is your light reaching as far as it could or are you casting shadows upon donors just out of reach?

7 Income Streams for Nonprofits

The Philanthropy Show - Internet Talk Show for Nonprofits

9 Reasons Why World-Class Programs Are MUSTS

Like Attracts Like, The View From the Front, The Shortest Distance Between Two Points and more...

A Day in the Life of a Fundraiser – Mike Meech of Brown

Mike Meech describes a day in the life of a leadership giving officer at Brown University

A Vital Link: Board Giving and Grant Success

It is a very competitive grant world out there, be sure your board is not hindering your success.

About Adding Youth to Your Board

The Philanthropy Show interviews two nonprofit executives about adding youth to your board.

Abundance Theory Clears Way for Better Collaboration

8 Ways to Promote Abundance Theory in the Workplace

Alltop Top Nonprofit News

Comprehensive site of online articles, blogs and other resources related to nonprofit news of interest to nonprofits and consultants serving them.

An Introduction to Grant Writing Webinar

This video is full of great content based on over thirty years of grant writing experience.

Applying for Funding from Family Foundations: Results of a New Survey

The Guidestar blog breaks it down for you with advice on family foundations

Bad Consultants are Bad News for Nonprofits

Blog Post discussing how unqualified consultants can affect the nonprofits who hire them.

Blaze Your Trail!

If you are looking to increase your leadership and success in life, keep reading


8 Characteristics of an Outstanding Board Member

Board Development: A Consultant's Perspective (video)

Liz Wooten Reschke, Co-Founder of the Nonprofit Consultants Connection and BoardSource Certified, shares her expertise on The Philanthropy Show

Board Governance Resources

Links to Board Governance Resources

Book Review: Building Your Analytics Shop: A Workbook for Nonprofits

It's not often we get to hold a book and flip through it before buying. This book review takes the mystery out of whether it's worth the price tag.

Can You Make Money with Your Mission? What Your Board Needs to Know

In this post-recession world, nonprofits continue to seek ways to increase money to create their missions. One option is to expand earned income or mission income, that is, income earned while doing mission.[1] In this climate nonprofits that never before considered mission income are reexamining their opportunities. Others who dabbled in mission income are now placing it front and center. Here are ten fundamentals for you, as a board member, to consider as you explore mission income opportunities for your nonprofit.

Can You Really Trust Prospect Research? 10 Things You Should Know.

Big institutions have been using prospect research long before the internet turned the field upside down. Those institutions still lead the way in things like database analysis, multi-channel direct appeals, multi-million dollar gifts and multi-billion dollar campaigns. Big is nice, but if you’re not that big, how can you be sure prospect research will work for your organization?

Can You Trust Gift Capacity Ratings? 5 Things Fundraisers Should Know

Capacity ratings give you a jump start on your fundraising. Don't you want to know how to use them better?

Can Your Non-profit Organization Obtain More Income? The 7 Sources

Every year trillions of revenue dollars pass through the books of non-profit organizations. Chances are your board would like more of this non-profit funding to pass through your coffers.

Children's Board Announces Emerging Needs Grant

New funding opportunity from CBHC

Control Your Destiny

Attention to detail and knowing where to find quality resources are essential to producing successful events.

Core Considerations When Recruiting a CFO

Ben Franklin had it right when he said, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

Creating Compelling Grant Proposals: Moving Beyond the Methodology of Grant Writing

Question: What do you struggle with the most in your grant writing?

Defining and Communicating Your Nonprofit’s Message

Is your organization communicating your message in a way that resonates with clients who need your services and programs and donors who might want to contribute?

Donor Health Check

Tips for evaluating giving in your donor database

Donor Research: A Two-Way Street

Did you know your donors are researching you? Are you in fundraising compliance? Find out quick!

Donors: Better Dead than Alive?

Do you ever wish that your individual donations came from bequests? After all, deceased donors don’t require reports or stewardship. They don’t offer conditions. They don’t give advice. Despite these and other “complications,” you need living donors.

Evaluation & Outcomes Resources

Links to Evaluation & Outcomes Resources

Everything Rises & Falls on Leadership

According to John Maxwell, author of over 70 leadership books, everything rises and falls on leadership.

Financial Management Resources

Links to Financial Management Resources

Fire your Prospect Researcher! Artificial Intelligence (AI) has arrived.

For years now we’ve been told that Artificial Intelligence was going to take over prospect research tasks. Truth is, it has. Well, some of them anyway.

Five Things People Get Dead Wrong About Fundraising

From my twenty years of advising organizations, I have compiled my top list of incorrect vehicles that leaders seek to open, but for good reason cannot.

Four Impulses of Nonprofits & What They Each Create

Recent article by renowned nonprofit expert Dr. Lester Salamon on conflicting priorities of nonprofits

Fund Development Resources

Links to Fund Development Resources

Free Resources to Help Charities

Guilty As Charged: Prove Your Board Supports Your Organization

Before a jury of their peers, would your board members be found guilty of supporting your organization? Would a lawyer find enough evidence to convict them? Below is a list of evidence to make the case. Use it to help your board prove their guilt.

Hand Written Notes: What to Write

In my last blog post, I extolled the virtues of handwriting notes. If I convinced you that writing notes is a good idea, you might be wondering “what should I write about?” I’ve got some ideas for you.

High Performing Boards - What's On their Agenda?

Article on how high performing boards spend their time and strategic efforts.

How to Hire a Consultant

NCC serves our community by providing access to a list of professionals who are dedicated to high quality, ethical service in the nonprofit sector. We encourage nonprofits to use best practices when hiring a consultant. The following article, which was first published in Philanthropy News Digest, offers guidelines for selecting a nonprofit consultant.

How to Make Money with Your Newsletter

Can you obtain donations and earn income with your nonprofit’s newsletter? Here are two ways with examples to generate fresh thinking about this versatile and often overlooked income tool.

How to Solve A Big Nonprofit Challenge with Corporate Giving: Ask

Nonprofit leaders are not the only ones confused about the reasons behind company checks. In some cases, the person authorizing the check shares your confusion. Read on to end the confusion!

Identifying New Supporters: A Helpful Tool

Almost every nonprofit can use more supporters to help it fulfill its mission. “We need to get the word out so more people will help us,” mentions a new board member. At staff gatherings, your special event planner pipes up, “If only we had more corporate support.” The good news is that you can grow your supporters. The first step is planning how you will do it. Using a chart like the one below will help.

Innovate or Die: Post-Recession Impact on Finding Donors

Data analytics is changing fundraising, but maybe not quite the way you imagined.

Is Disruptive Technology Changing Relationship Management?

Yes! Relationship mapping is a disruptive technology with the power to change our relationship management process and procedures. But, no worries! Change will probably come slowly.

Management Resources

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Marketing & Public Relations Resources

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Navigating Facebook Live Broadcast

A new feature introduced in December, Facebook Live allows you to broadcast live video using your cell phone camera. As Facebook is heavily promoting this new feature, your Facebook Live videos will be ranked higher than your other posts. Your followers will receive a pop up notification each time you start a live broadcast making this an effective tool to share breaking news and stay top of mind with your core social media constituents. Even if your followers can't join you live, they have the ability to watch a recording of your broadcast whenever it is convenient for them.

New Positions at Allegany Franciscan Ministries

Position openings at Allegany Franciscan Ministries

No Margin, No Mission: Your Double Bottom Line Matters

A social enterprise and national consulting practice that helps nonprofits diversify revenue, expand impact, and build a lasting future through entrepreneurship, innovation, and business strategy.

Nonprofit Startup Resources

Links to Nonprofit Startup Resources

Not For Profit Workshop 2014

Information on this year's Not for Profit Workshop being held August 26th at the Straz Center. Attendees must register; cost is $25 per person.

Open the Floodates to Sustainability Income Assessment

How sustainable are you? Find out with The Open the Floodgates to Sustainability Assessment. Where are your effort succeeding? Where is there room for improvement? Take this quick assessment and find out.

Operations & HR Resources

Links to Operations & HR Resources Resources

Pathways To Growth

What additional benefits has your organization experienced in grant seeking?

Podcast: Jane Alexander on Careers and Executive Search

How can you enhance your career? A 30 minute podcast with Jane Alexander, Executive Search Experta

Sample Policies & Forms Resources

Links to Sample Policies & Forms Resources

Score! Takes the Edge Off Analytics

I just read Score! cover to cover and here’s why I think you should too…

Score! Taking the Edge Off Analytics

I just read Score! cover to cover and here’s why I think you should too…

Secrets to Creating a Cash-Donating Board

Does a 100 percent of your board give a cash gift to your nonprofit? Read this article to answer, "yes."

Seven Low-Cost Marketing Tools

Effective marketing can build brand recognition, reach new clients and develop community relationships and resources. Unfortunately, nonprofit marketing dollars are often in short supply. The good news is you don’t need a trust fund to market your organization successfully. The trick is using funds strategically to get the greatest return on marketing investments. Consider these low-cost (or no-cost!) tools to get started.

Succession Planning: Staff and Board Roles

Does your nonprofit have a succession plan in place?

The Asset-on-Hyperdrive Income Technique

Ingenious solutions. People devise fascinating ways to earn revenue or ingenious solutions. Many of their concepts can be adapted to your setting. This article shares the Asset-on-Hyperdrive technique that I encountered while writing 7 Nonprofit Income Streams.

The Board Recruitment Dating Game

BoardSource hosted presentation on board recruitment process and building a culture of board development. Also promoting new book/resource on board governance - Nonprofit Board Service for the Genius

The Devil’s in the Data! When should you get an audit?

Data underpins all of your development efforts from gift acknowledgement, invitations, prospect identification, stewardship and beyond. When your data becomes a tangled web, your ability to fundraise suffers.

The Law of Magnetism

Are You The Problem?

The Philanthropy Show (TM)

An internet talk show for nonprofit staff, boards and donors

The Philanthropy Show (TM)

Spotlight On: Males with Anorexia & Bulimia

The Philanthropy Show ®

Spotlight On: Refugees in America

Three Tips to Survive a Crisis

When caught in a prickly situation, deciding your next move can be a difficult task amidst increased media scrutiny. The key to navigating any crisis requires taking the following three steps...

Tip of the Week: Good Recordkeeping (3-min video)

Sam Abraham of MyPaperPusher explains why your organization should keep good records and books for your organization

Understanding Fund Accounting

For sustainability in your nonprofit, it is important to have a sound business plan. In contrast to the profit focus of the business world, the focus of nonprofit management is on being accountable to your funders. Fund accounting is based on this principle of accountability.

Video Series: Five Minutes for Fundraising

Martin Leifeld delivers 5-min videos on topics such as "When donors say no", Listening, and lots on solicitations.

What is a Capacity Building Grant For?

Nice article from the NonProfitTimes

Who is Going to Stop You?

I just read a very interesting article about how women lead differently